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Extension Development

COBIZ webdevelopment specializes in developing Joomla extensions.

Joomla Extensie Ontwikkeling

Joomla custom extensions

COBIZ webdevelopment creates custom Joomla extensions that seamlessly fit your needs and provide an intuitive user experience.


Benefits of customization

COBIZ webdevelopment develops custom components, modules and plugins for Joomla.

Unique functionality

Customization allows you to add features not available in standard Joomla extensions.

Perfect integration

Custom solutions integrate seamlessly with your existing Joomla website. This ensures a consistent user experience and prevents compatibility issues.


As your website grows, your custom solution can scale with it. This will save you time and money in the long run.


Custom solutions are tailor-made for your website, making them less vulnerable to hackers.

Ease of use

Custom solutions can be designed to be user-friendly for both you and your website visitors.

Good SEO

Custom solutions can be optimized for search engines, which makes your website easier to find in Google and other search engines.